Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sashio no kaze

Kaze. This is my first kaze,here in Kendari. Most people think that it's just a commm disease. But,for me, it's totally deadfull. Kaze and allergic, they're not friend to each other. Or,in other word,a dangerous combination.
Two years ago, when visited a THT's doctor, he warns me,not to got cold. But, how can I say, now viruses smarter and more complex. They're everywhere,and spread fast. With a weak body like I have, no wonder, I can got cold easily.
Sashio no kaze, my first kaze,here in kendari, feels warm,because my surrounding.
There is a family,my family.

*episode hidung sangat meler


  1. semoga cepat sembuh Pi.

    tadinya kirain buku berjudul Kaze, sy juga punya.

  2. Haha,jazakillah. Mang ada buku judulnya kaze,flu? Oke,nanti sy cri tw..patau cocok.